New Ventures

Hey everyone 🙂 I haven't posted on here in quite a while, so I think it goes without saying this blog is more or less inactive now. Travel writing is fun, but ultimately my passion lies in journalism and telling the stories of others. I started a new blog a few months ago called What's … Continue reading New Ventures

Eats: Romanian Edition

I’ll give Romanian food a 10 because that’s how many pounds I gained when I went there. Romania’s food is heavy in just about every way you can imagine and a single portion could fill you for a day. The cuisine is so classically eastern European it almost feels like a farce. Think ham and … Continue reading Eats: Romanian Edition

Same Same but Different

There are so many different ways to approach traveling and yet it seems to affect us all in the same way. Something I’ve learned, especially since entering the tourism industry, is that there’s no wrong way to travel, assuming you’re being a responsible tourist. Backpackers turn their noses up a “tourists” sometimes and ignore the … Continue reading Same Same but Different

This is a tacky post from someone who is inspired by life again

I started a new job last week as a Tour Consultant. This means that I get to help people plan trips and make the most of their time in the UK. I also do the dirty work, coordinating everything and praying I don’t accidentally book someone on a tour they didn’t want to do (or … Continue reading This is a tacky post from someone who is inspired by life again